Summer Christian Service Team


  1. To disciple and train Christian young people in the local church with a life of Christian service in mind
  2. To expand the efforts of our church in ministries of edification and evangelism
  3. To give Christian young people an opportunity to invest their summer in a way that will yield eternal results.


  1. Single young people who have completed their Junior year in high school
  2. Commitment to at least 20 hours per week in Christian service
  3. Participation in 8 days of intensive training at the beginning of the summer (two Saturdays plus evenings,)
  4. Approval of application by the Board of Deacons

Since Team members often take on important leadership responsibilities in the church, the Board of Deacons limits the program to those who show some evidence of Christian maturity and an exemplary spiritual life. In considering applicants for the program, they will be raising such questions as the following:

-Has this person taken advantage of other opportunities for service and witness in the past?

-Does this person have the respect of young people and adults alike in the church?

-Is this person known for his or her good deportment, cooperative spirit, and dependability?

-Is this person’s appearance a good testimony, an example to other young people, and unoffensive to other Christians? Is appearance neat, modest and free of extremes?


  1. Personal evangelism
  2. Sunday School Teaching
  3. Personal discipling ministry to youth
  4. Neighborhood Bible schools (a children’s ministry)
  5. Nursing home and shut-in ministries
  6. One-to-one ministries of edification
  7. Surveying
  8. Leadership opportunities


  1. The Pastoral leaders of the church, along with others, share in the training and direction of the Team initially and through the summer.
  2. Each Team member is assigned a prayer partner (either Deacon or Deaconess) with whom to meet weekly for prayer, sharing and counsel.


  1. Each SCST member will be self-supporting – this is a “faith” ministry.
  2. The Board of Deacons will undertake each one in prayer and concern for individual needs.


Summer Christian Service Team

NAME ________________________________________________________ AGE _____________

HOME ADDRESS:_________________________________________________________________

(IF STUDENT) SCHOOL:____________________________________________________________

(IF WORKING) EMPLOYER:__________________________________________________________


  1.  On a separate sheet of paper, relate your personal testimony including when and how you became a Christian, what changes you have seen in your life as a result, and a recent experience of seeing God’s work in your life.


2.  State what benefits you can see in ministering under the direction and with the cooperation of a local church:



3.  Describe your plans for the fall, the immediate years ahead, and your life’s work as you now understand them (What is your purpose? What special abilities do you feel you have?):




4.  What commitments have you made for the summer? Do you plan to work full-time? What schedule do you expect? Will you have a car available for your use?