Exodus 15 — A Grand View of God

It was quite a choir singing back there in Israel’s day as they walked out of the Red Sea and came onto the dessert, as they watched the waters pile back on their enemies and saw chariots, shields floating and sinking and men dying beneath the waters where they had passed through safely. You saw here God’s attributes and… Read More ›


Three words could characterize our present age: Grasping.  Going.  Groaning. People everywhere are attempting to get hold of something illusive that will bring an inner peace, and so they are grasping for this and grasping for that. Others are going here and there trying to escape and get to some better situation or find relief in relaxation.  Still others know… Read More ›

Encouragement for God’s Weary Ones

Are you tired — really weary in life?  If so, I invite you to consider a certain reward which, though still unnoticed, may be waiting for you. The book of I Peter is written to you who are almost overwhelmed.  Turn to the last chapter and look at verse 6. “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s… Read More ›

In The Spirit

In the Spirit Romans 8:4-14 Message from a series on “The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit” preached on 1/17/90 Who is the Holy Spirit?  He is God the Spirit who ever exists in the Godhead.  The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity.  He is sent to us from our exalted mediator Jesus… Read More ›


TEXT:  Psalm 119:129-144 For a brief time when I was a young fellow I was a court reporter, that is covering city court every day and county court I think quarterly. This was a regular thing that was my responsibility and I learned some things about court mediation when an attorney was extremely gifted his client did very… Read More ›


How would it be with you, if tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. you were awakened by  a strong voice crying; “Repent! For the day of God’s Kingly rule has come!” right outside your bedroom window? Well, somewhat like that, John the Baptist ministered in his day and God used him to stir up the pot of human… Read More ›


TEXT:  John 11:45-47 An emergency was called, an emergency meeting of the official council of the leaders of the Jewish nation and so seventy men went scampering from all of their different residential areas headed to their headquarters and their appointed meeting place. This was the meeting of the great Sanhedrin as it was called.  Now… Read More ›