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Encouragement for God’s Weary Ones

Are you tired — really weary in life?  If so, I invite you to consider a certain reward which, though still unnoticed, may be waiting for you.  The book of I Peter is written to you who are almost overwhelmed.  READ MORE


In The Spirit – Message from a series on “The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit”  – Marks of a Spirit Filled Life.  READ MORE


“YOU”  —  TEXT:  II Corinthians 12:14 (in part)  –  “I seek not yours, but YOU.”

Let’s talk about YOU.   It is not what you HAVE that God wants.  HE WANTS YOU!  READ MORE…


What is Your Main Aim in Life?  –

to lift up yourself or lift up God? To get what you want or give God what he wants? Putting God first is not little matter. In the Bible God says, “They that honor me will I honor.”  How can we honor God today?  READ MORE…


“A Powerful Plea With God” — Psalm 119:132 —

Too often we segregate our lives and we think of going to church, that’s our religious day, and then we have the secular realities, as if God is not real. The only unchanging one in the whole universe is God Himself. So we need to say “Lord, look upon me in my daily life, as I’m bumping along here on this subway, Lord see me now, as I’ve now finished school and there are so many uncertainties ahead of me, look upon me, as I’m here Father with broken relationships, look upon me, as I’ve got to move again, Lord, I don’t know where I’ll go, see me, Lord, turn to me. I need a job, Lord, I don’t have any work, no assured income, Lord, look upon me.  Bring your whole life to Him. That’s the point of this text. Lord, look upon me.  READ More…


“Means of Grace” or avenues God uses to work grace into our hearts — Read More…


Free Gift

God says in the Book of John, Chapter 1, verse 11, “He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.”   Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins.  People are still today rejecting this Savior.  He rose again and through the inner voice of the Holy Spirit knocks at the door of hearts.  READ MORE…


Oblivions One Road Back

How would it be with you, if tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. you were awakened by  a strong voice crying; “Repent! For the day of God’s Kingly rule has come!” right outside your bedroom window?  Well, somewhat like that, John the Baptist ministered in his day and God used him to stir up the pot of human history until it was quite a foam. John was speaking to the hearts of the people in a distressing and disturbing way.  READ MORE


“The Strangest Prophecy”  — TEXT:  John 11:45-47

An emergency was called, an emergency meeting of the official council of the leaders of the Jewish nation and so seventy men went scampering from all of their different residential areas headed to their headquarters and their appointed meeting place. This was the meeting of the great Sanhedrin as it was called.  Now these seventy men were really upset. And they were tremendously aggravated and agitated as you can see from the reading of our text.  READ MORE



Prospectus on why Harold felt led of the Lord to write SLS.  READ MORE



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