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The Moral Man Tried (In Three Dialogues)

Have you ever tried to witness to a friend or relative who felt they were good enough on their own and that God was a merciful and loving God who would not condemn anyone to hell?  Read a dialogue between the Pastor and a self-righteous man that will help you in your witness.  READ MORE.



As someone has observed, none of us has faith enough nor are we responsible to ask that God convert the whole world the moment we ask it in prayer. Neither you nor I have faith for such fanciful objectives but we do know that our Lord “is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His .power that is at work within us,” Ephesians 3:20.

Perhaps you see your particular, assigned life responsibilities in a very dim fashion but don’t sit oppressed, cornered, limited. Rather, move out in prayer with God at your side and look over the lay of the land and begin to bring down Heaven’s blessing on your family, friends, church, and your own personal life.

To read more on how to do this, click HERE.


Want To Spend More Time in Prayer?

There is no prescription in the Bible that we ‘must’ pray for an hour, but there are many people who would like to spend more time in prayer, but do not know how to do it in a meaningful way.  Here is a Practical Guide on how to pray for one hour…READ MORE



In its very form Baptism symbolizes and speaks of our immersion in the Spirit.  This Spirit baptism takes place at conversion.  That is how we are initiated, inaugurated into the Body of Christ.  READ MORE



Have you ever felt poor and  needy before God? …so much so that you hesitated even t0 pray?

What a distress! The One you need most you feel least like going to.

Have you lost confidence that God will hear, forgive and change things? How is your spiritual report card? Do you have a failure record? Are there deep, deep needs?  To find the solution and comfort, READ MORE.



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