Instructions to Home Prayer Group Leaders


Assist the host in settling the people in comfortable, informal manner and making room for all. Younger children on floor. But have all facing you and in control.

Seek to create a friendly, warm atmosphere of informality.

Resist the feeling that this is your moment to preach or teach a great deal. No, you are to lead the group in discovering and sharing truth and in having vital fellowship with God.

SUGGESTED ORDER OF ACTIVITIES (Involve as many as possible.):

SINGING – Begin here (or perhaps after a brief prayer by someone). Get someone capable to lead out on the hymns. Don’t let them drag and don’t use too many. Move on to the next part.

SCRIPTURE – Be prepared with a Scripture, for example, Psalm 138. Read in unison or divide the group in half, alternating verses. (Designate a strong leader to read out on each side.)

PRAISE TIME – Ask all to look down the text and pick out descriptions of God for which we can now thank and praise Him. Have these descriptions named out. (No one person naming more than one. Take turns!) Get these descriptions of God from the text two ways: [Some are named out right; Others gotten by noting the works of God and asking, What kind of a God would do this?]

“Now let us bow in prayer and you choose one of these and thank God for that. Praise Him for being that kind of God.”


“It is good to encourage one another. Look again at the text. Those who have not yet taken part pick out one encouraging lesson or truth and mention it. Also, if there are other testimonies, they may also be shared at this time.”

SINGING – By now another song might be helpful.


“God tells us to make our requests known to Him in prayer. (Have one read a good prayer promise.) Let us do that now. Be thoughtful of others and do not be too lengthy.”

After this general time, see if there are any special requests. Perhaps ask for volunteers to take up each one. Or else, only accept a few at once before going to prayer. DO NOT GET BOGGED DOWN TAKING REQUESTS.


Keep alert and in charge. Don’t settle down and let things roll on and on.  You have this responsibility before God. Do not allow one to monopolize the meeting and draw your attention repeatedly toward them. Turn away from them slightly. Keep asking for participation from those who have not yet shared.

After about an hour or less if the meeting “winds down” — ask everyone to stand for closing prayer. There will be no refreshments and they should not be encouraged to remain talking, or sit back down. Some will over-stay, block the driveway, or feel the next time, “These meetings take half the night!!

GOD BLESS YOU. Let us pray for one another, and expect a great meeting with God!!