God says…DRAW NEAR

September 1, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Hebrews 10:22 |


Week by week folks in this area are being helped in private counsel to believe in Jesus Christ – to really know Him.

That is what God wants. “Let us draw near,” invites our text, Hebrews 10:22. Concentrate for these next moments on the two words, DRAW NEAR. That is God’s word to you.

Read over verses 19-23 of Hebrews 10. You will find them to be in Old Testament language but the truths are filled with New Testament vitality. The book of Hebrews is like that.. It first introduces us to the Savior as being the very Son of God – the eternal God Whom angels rightly worship. Next, He is shown to be our High Priest and even presented as our sin-offering on Calvary. Our Text chapters set forth the blessed results of all this. Jesus Christ is said to have completely removed sin from each believer and now to be seated in glory and honor at God’s right hand.

Our text verses stand right at the juncture where the deeply doctrinal section passes into the practical words of encouragement and exhortation. Draw near, we are told. Oh, to be near God – and done with all the vagueness, strain and struggle so often found in religion.

Surely, Jesus Christ is all we need. There He is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven. The full penalty of our sin and waywardness has been paid by Him. Thus, we are not called to great exertion in order to gain holiness and be near God. We are simply invited, Draw near.

Once we are near, then we exert great effort in service. But a Christian near to God can die for his faith with lighter heart than a man can live for selfish goals without God.

Let us move along quickly now to see the important implications of God’s invitation, Draw near.


You will see that our text does not say we are near. Rather, we who are naturally afar from God are invited here in Hebrews 10:22 to “Draw near.” Come close, God is saying.

The whole matter of salvation is nothing other than God trying to get man back from his waywardness. Satan’s aim is to block, deceive and destroy those who are stirred to return to their God.

There are two basic reasons for the distance men keep between themselves and God. First, there is God’s holiness. His laws lie broken at the feet of sinful men. Being holy and just, God is offended. As Judge, He passes a just sentence on all men – eternal death! From Mount Sinai, amid fire and thunder God warned, “Stand back! Come not near!” Our Lord Jesus agrees with this and warns that He will one day say to the unrepentant “Depart from me, ye cursed.”

How then can our text kindly invite us to draw near? Because God has made a way to settle sin. That is why Jesus Christ died. God is willing to receive us to His very heart – but not by compromise nor mere sentiment. Christ’s payment of sin’s penalty must be personally accepted.

Secondly, man’s own defiled heart keeps him at a distance. Seeing the bursting flame of God’s holiness atop of Sinai, the Hebrews begged Moses to go as their mediator before God. Today, we hesitate before the burning holiness of God. Satan’s arrows of accusation wing us. “Who are you? You have sinned greatly,” we are told in our wilting hearts. Deadness, discouragement and unrealness result. Finally, guilty and frustrated some actually lash out at God, resenting and blaming a “hard providence.” That is what is behind some of the discouraged young people who secretly plot, “Soon as I am old enough, I will get as far from God and church as I please.”

Yet, there is the invitation of God, Draw Near. That is what He wants. If you walk afar from God, it is your own doing.


With the Lord Jesus as our Savior, the way is opened into the very presence of God. Verse 19 teaches the amazing truth that we may come with “boldness” into the “holiest” (i.e., the close presence of God) “by the blood of Jesus.”

You see, there must be a payment made for our sin. God is satisfied with the offering of Jesus in death on Calvary. “Without shedding of blood is no remission,” 9:22.

Imagine a king dedicating a great, new bridge spanning a deep gorge. As the ribbon is cut and traffic begins its safe, easy flow over the torrential river far below, one can see crowds of men struggling to paddle across on homemade rafts. One by one they are being destroyed over the fierce falls downstream, yet they refuse the King’s bridge.

Now, see verse 20 teach us that this is our King’s “new and living way, which he hath consecrated (dedicated) for us.” Do-it-yourself religion means eternal damnation.

We are next shown that the human body of Jesus was like the temple curtain when it was ripped top to bottom, exposing the holy place. So the tearing death of Jesus has removed our division from God. No veil between! Draw near! See Jesus stands there offering to be our high priest, 21. Take Him now as your Savior, Lord, and High Priest.

Consider how great is the presumption of those who dare come to God on their own terms. Many, when asked of their faith, never refer to the blood-offering of Jesus. They are hoping to be accepted by God for what they are in themselves. Better read Isaiah 63:6 and Romans 3:10-18.

On the other hand, it is a strike against the value of Christ’s blood when Christians are hesitant and refuse to have confidence when they do come the blood-way to God.


Remember these words, draw near, are God’s own. Inspired Scripture contains exactly what God wishes us to hear from Him. Draw near. He wants us close.

What contrast with the vain stirrings of pagan religions, like dry ramblings of the many cults! Draw near. Our God wants to be a Father to us. Christ stands ready to take away all separating sin. Draw near.

Study carefully verse 22. Come with “true heart.” No fakery; God is not mocked! “In full assurance of faith” – doubting nothing, even at our moment of death, for we come to God at His own invitation. “Having our hearts sprinkled” -- implies an inner cleansing of all our faculties wherein the Holy Spirit takes what Jesus purchased for us on the cross and makes it real and effective in our hearts and lives. “From an evil conscience” – thus we are protected from the smarting of an unhealed conscience. “And our bodies washed with pure water.” – cares also for vicious habits and outward sins. Thus, body, soul and spirit all are cleansed when Jesus Christ is fully claimed as Savior and we draw near to God.

Finally, verse 23 instructs us that we are to hold on to confident faith “without wavering.” There is to be no bending the twig back and forth, lest it break. (See verses 38, 39 with James 1:6.)

All this reminds of the story of Joseph. He was wronged terribly by his brothers and sold into slavery. Later being elevated as prime minister of Egypt, he saw these same men bowed before him. With tears he forgave them, but “they were troubled at his presence.” “And Joseph said unto his brethren, Come near to me,” but their defiled consciences smote them still. Yet his invitation of mercy prevailed and “he kissed all his brethren, and wept upon them: and after that his brethren talked with him.” (Genesis 45).

Like the prodigal son, we need God to kiss us into certainty. It takes a lot to break up unbelief and cause us to draw near.

I remember the old story of the poor man who loved a beautiful aristocratic lady. Patiently but definitely she explained that it could not work out and that his “love” was perhaps only feelings of the moment. Then one day that poor fellow had opportunity to save her life – at the cost of his own. Runaway horses were carrying her toward certain death, but he dashed in front of them and held on.

Fighting them to a stop, he lay bleeding and dying in the road. She flung herself into the dirt beside him and raised his head. He gasped, “You see I did love you, didn’t I? I really did!” So the Son of God says to you, “See my head, hands, side…What more is needed to convince you of my love – to draw you to me? Draw near!”

Friend, do that right now. Get alone with God in prayer. Tell Him you do now receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Then let me know – in person, or by contacting me through the contact page of this website.