Even a Christian will have burdens….maybe more than others. The dull ache of old pressures seems increased by time. The troubled heart cries, “There is no change!” But burdens need not press us into bitterness.

The question is, what do you do about your burdens? Our text offers a good word of exhortation:

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” Psalm 55:22.

Study the words over and over. Notice the double promise. God will keep. It is never the END for the righteous. Even death itself blossoms into a new beginning. See Psalm 37:23,24. A man who is utterly shattered has chosen his own way, not God’s. He promises: “I will never allow the righteous to be moved.”

Now this overcoming of burdens is not just “automatic”. Rather, we are instructed in a single statement as to the right way:  “Cast your cares on the Lord.” Let us now study the elements in this admonition.

I. A FINAL ACT: “Cast”

“Cast your cares on the Lord.” Something very final about that. Someone says, “Time heals.”  True, of course — for saint and sinner. That is of scant comfort, however.

Here is a decisive and immediate action. When it comes to tearing problems, the Christian is not shut up to the inevitable necessity of merely “getting used to it.” He can roll his burdens upon the Lord.

This is done in a definite once-and-for-all prayer…..never to be reopened. True, it may require repeated praise and rehearsal of the promises which allow the blessed relief, but the matter has in definite faith been Committed to God. We need to learn this kind of praying. Psalm 37:5.

II. A SPIRITUAL ACT: “Upon the Lord”

Here is where we are to cast the burden. We do not run away, ignore difficulties employ mind-over-matter techniques, nor just let things work out. Nor, do we doggedly exercise gritted-teeth “faith” which says, “In spite of everything, I just keep believing….” Instead, we simply and definitely commit to Him.

Be careful about making providence too automatic. God has taught in the Bible that He works through man’s faith. Do not just presume on providence to work everything out. Do not put God to the test. Matters must be committed to God in specific prayer, once-and-for-all.

The relief we desperately need is already provided in Christ. Christ bore our sorrows and carried our griefs, Isaiah 53:3,4.  But even these precious things purchased by the Son’s blood are sealed from us, in a sense. Only a deliberate exercise of faith brings them to us. God’s provisions require our participation.

See a struggling soul. The failure is not in the hardness of heaven over head. The failure is in his own unbelieving heart and not reaching with believing grasp into God’s riches.


I must reach the refreshing certainty regarding my own troubles that lifts me to cry out, “God now has my burden. I have given it into the hand of the one who rules over all!”

“Proud! Presumptuous!” one objects. Listen, friend, it is proud and presumptuous to refuse to believe the simple statement of God here in our Text, Psalm 55:22. We are doing only what he commands us to do. Your unbelief leads you to disobey.

Now a closing warning is in order. When one gets this close to the Lord, he may discover new things about his “burden.”  That struggle over finances….maybe the real problem is not the lack of money, but your attitude toward it..

Is yours a frustrating family problem? (You cannot run from it. There it is, and you must literally live in it.) Perhaps so, but you may commit it to God. He will take it and step by step rest you and give new perspective — new life. How good is the Lord! “Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you,” Psalm 63:3.

Is there a past sin that keeps your hurt heart weeping, “If only I had never so fallen!” You’ve pled with God to forgive you, but faith fails. I remind you that our Lord Jesus Christ is called the REDEEMER. He is Himself the very price for your sin. Your little suffering is no help. It is not required to atone.

Still further, “Christ died for our sins.” For each one. For that very sin that is separating you from the God of mercy. Come now, Satan is teaching you an untruth. There is mercy for you. “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you.”