December 11, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Colossians 3:17-4:2 |


Hungry lions tore life from early Christians out in the amphitheaters....

The arena where we today most often face Satan is likely to be right in our own homes.

Read the very practical text, Colossians. 3:12-4:2. Notice the areas of life mentioned here. Especially in the home we are to live like Christ.

Our key verse is 17:
"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."

Now, see what follows this verse -- words about the home relationships!

We must make Christ central in our home life. I shall dedicate this message to explaining how to do exactly that.


If things spiritual are first, then let's make them first. God must become a REAL part of daily life and thought, not just shut up in a Sunday compartment.

Of course, every Lord's Day there ought to be public worship -- the entire family together worshipping God with other families of the church. This day ought to be God's day. Make it different from other days. Study ways to make it a day of rest. Strive for quietness and change of pace. Promote family fellowship and quiet fun together. Accentuate home worship as well as the public worship services.

There should also be daily private worship of God in prayer and Bible study. Parents ought to help their children learn to pray and understand the Bible for themselves. Help them cover a brief section of verses right from the Bible each day. Suggest how it fits their lives. Soon even young ones, who can read, will be able to have daily personal devotions.

At the top of the list ought to be daily family worship. HERE ARE SOME SUGGESTIONS:

No time will be "convenient" but try to stick to one time of the day, perhaps first thing in the morning, or right after the evening meal. Keep things moving and be brief. Even 5 or 10 minutes every day is better than an hour here and there.

Avoid arguments and being too "teacher-ish." Make it a happy time with everyone sharing. Let even the little ones take their turn "reading" the Bible by repeating phrases after you. Vary the method of covering the few verses of Scripture. Ask questions and give simple explanations.

Very important is the application of the day's reading. Show what it means to the lives of family members; for example, helping us to fear God, trust, love, be patient, be more slow to speak, be honest and obedient.

Here is an excellent time for singing hymns such as "Holy, Holy, Holy," "What a Friend," "All Hail the Power" and children's songs. Don't push the learning. Take a week or so on a stanza if necessary.

Guide them in their praying. Let them hear you, the parents, pray for them by name -- that they will come to saving faith in Christ.

These periods of worship should open up opportunities to counsel gently your children in their weaknesses, stablish them in doctrine, and prepare them for marriage and future decisions.


"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."

The real test is living Christ in every event - right in the home.

The daily occurrences should be grasped by the parent as golden opportunities for teaching Christian living.

Be tireless in teaching such principles as:

Respect for adults. Always stick up for the other parent in front of the child. Don't criticize guests when gone. Lead children to respect adult neighbors because of their age and position.

Patience. Learn to wait for things desired. Denial is of value in training for life.

Being calm within. Happiness does not require perpetual noise. Wise people speak less words. (Read Proverbs here. )

The risings of sin are part of human nature. Take advantage of quiet moments to guide them in understanding their own outbreaks of sin. Relieve pangs of guilt in prayer to God.

Trials are a chance to prove our love and trust.

Even the most ordinary events are valuable opportunities for teaching and learning. As example:

1. Sickness can draw all together in mutual prayer.
2. An upset at school can be related to God. (Don't pounce on them where there is no deliberate disobedience.)
3. Meal times should be redeemed for discussions, Bible questions, and quiet fun.
4. Every trip to town should include at least one son or daughter for deepening fellowship and understanding.
5. Whenever the child indicates he has a personal question, take the time right on the spot for it. Draw them out.
6. Recognize and encourage every achievement. This can be an occasion for a special family "ritual" honoring that one.
7. Turn each special occasion, such as vacation or trip into a spiritual experience for the family. Plan and pray together. Offer united thanks for it and look for spiritual lessons along the way.
8. Family needs -- clothing, car, job -- can be a vital learning experience when prayed for as a family group.

RIGHT NOW WILL YOU ASK GOD TO GIVE YOU A CHRISTIAN HOME? Then take these steps toward that goal. There will be discouraging times and fears of failure, but simple stay-at-it faith will work a miracle within a year's time.